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Hieronder vindt u de concerten in de komende twaalf maanden, u kunt via de kalender bovenin verder bladeren of bekijken waar Marcel eerder heeft opgetreden.

U kunt ook de complete agenda van een jaar inzien voor 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 en 2016.

Klik hier om weer terug tegaan naar de agenda voor dit jaar: Agenda

januari 2006
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woe 11 jan Amsterdam, Jewish retirement home 'Beth Shalom' 14:30-NA:00 'forgotten jewish composers' - with Eleonore Pameijer (flute) - works by Leo Smit, Rosy Wertheim, Dick Kattenburg a.o.
maa 16 jan Amsterdam, Uilenburg Synagoge 20:15-NA:00 with Jacobien Roozemond and Joris van Rijn (violin), Eleonore Pameijer (flute) and Michael Stirling (cello) - works by Daniel Belinfante (Quartet for 2 violins, cello and piano), Darius Milhaud (Sonata for 2 violins and piano), Chiel Meijering (Ballroom dances for flute and piano, worldpremier) and Julius Hijman (Suite for flute and piano)
zon 22 jan Haarlem, Lutheran Church 20:15-NA:00 concert with Eleonore Pameijer (flute) : works by C.P.E.Bach, Schumann, Faure, Poulenc and a selection from the repertory of the 6 Continents Project
din 14 feb Rotterdam, Lantaarn/Venster 20:30-NA:00 'In Memoriam' program - a.o. Hans Koolmees - Blues for Paul (I.M. Paul Termos, premier), Paul Termos - Blues for Marcel W., Guus Janssen - Blauwbrug, Hans van Sweeden - 3 Nachtstucke, Dante Oei - Blues IM Hans van Sweeden, Johanna Bordewijk-Roepman - Sonata 1943
zat 18 feb Grijpskerk (near Middelburg), Artgallery 'de Ossenberg' 20:00-NA:00 with Eleonore Pameijer (flute) - 'Music from the time of Anne Frank', dutch, jewish composers (a.o. Smit, Wertheim, Richter, Kattenburg) / presentation of the new CD 'Treaures 1937-1944'
zon 19 feb VPRO Television - Nederland 3 - 'Vrije Geluiden' (music program) 11:00-12:00 with flutist Eleonore Pameijer we play some works of our 2 new CD's and we will be interviewed about them
maa 20 feb Amsterdam, Uilenburger Synagoge 20:15-NA:00 with Ursula Schoch (violin) and Irene Maessen (soprano) - jazzinspired works for violin and piano by Aaron Copland, Wilhelm Grosz, Louis Grunberg and Erwin Schulhoff; songs by Henriette Bosmans, Martha Belinfante-Dekker, Reina Colaco Osorio-Swaab and John Borstlap; Johanna Bordewijk-Roepman - Sonata 1943 for piano
maa 13 maa Mostar(Bosnia), Pavarotticenter concert for children, music related to 'Spring and Hope', organised by Warchild Netherlands and their local counterpart Educon
din 14 maa Sarajevo, Bosnjacki Instituut 21:00-NA:00 Sarajevo Winter Festival, 6 Continents Project with Eleonore Pameijer (flute)
woe 15 maa Banja Luka (Bosnie), Cultural Centre 'Banski Dvor' 6 Continents Project with Eleonore Pameijer
don 23 maa Prague, Spanish Synagogue with Eleonore Pameijer (flute) - Music from the time of Anne Frank: works by a.o. Leo Smit, Rosy Wertheim, Erwin Schulhoff and Dick Kattenburg
don 30 maa Skopje(Macedonia), Conservatory 10:00-12:00 Lecturerecital about the project 'New Blues for Piano'
vri 31 maa Skopje (Macedonie), Days of Macedonian Music 6 Continents Project with Eleonore Pameijer (flute) - a.o. new works by Macedonian composers
zat 08 apr Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ 15:00-NA:00 Presentation CD of the 'Six Continents Project' with flutist Eleonore Pameijer, including a short concert - with exhibition of childrens drawings from Bolivia, India, Indonesia, Kosovo and Sri Lanka.
din 11 apr Amsterdam, Amsterdam Historical Museum 14:30-NA:00 performance with Eleonore Pameijer (flute) at the opening of the exhibition 'Anne Frank, a life in letters' (on invitation only)
don 13 apr Amsterdam, Muziekschool Bachstraat 12:00-13:00 Concert with Eleonore Pameijer (flute): 'Forbidden Music' (a.o. Leo Smit, Dick Kattenburg) for children of the Nicolaas Maes elementary school in the framework of the Ravensbruck Commemoration on April 23
zon 23 apr Amherst (MA), National Yiddish Book Centre 14:00-NA:00 USA tour with Eleonore Pameijer (flute) - 'Music from the time of Anne Frank' - concert in the framework of the 'Go Dutch!' Festival
maa 24 apr Springfield (MA), Hatikvah Holocaust Education Center, works by Leo Smit and Dick Kattenburg at the Jom Hashoa Memorial Service (commemoration of the Holocaust)
woe 26 apr Princeton (NJ), Princeton University 20:00-NA:00 6 Continents Project - Taplin Auditorium - admission free - a.o. first performance of 'Some Melodious Sonnet' by Joseph Landers (USA)
don 27 apr Montevallo (Alabama), Montevallo University, LeBaron Hall 19:00-NA:00 6 Continents Project, a.o. new work by Joseph Landers (USA)
don 04 mei Zwolle, Synagoge 09:00-22:00 concert with Eleonore Pameijer (flute) in the framework of the Zwolle Liberation Festival - works by a.o. Leo Smit, Daniel Belinfante and Dick Kattenburg
zat 10 jun Den Haag (the Hague), Netherlands Music Institute a number of short recitals on the theme 'the dance in dutch music' on a day, dedicated to 'Mozart and the dance' (works by Belle van Zuijlen, Dirk Schafer, Leo Smit, Rudolf Escher, Herman Strategier and Dolf de Kinkelder)
zon 27 aug Amsterdam, UITMARKT, Boekmanzaal (Townhall, Waterlooplein) 17:30-18:00 concert with Ursula Schoch (violin) at the Amsterdam UITMARKT. the opening of the new cultural season. Jazzinfluences in 20th-century music for violin and piano - works by Copland, Grosz and Schulhoff.
maa 11 sep Amsterdam, BIMHUIS 21:00-NA:00 'Ten years New Blues for Piano' - a selection from the repertoire and new pieces by Svitlana Azarova (Ukraine), Evrim Demirel (Turkey), Mathieu Polak (the Netherlands) and Allan Segall (USA)
zon 08 okt 's Hertogenbosch, Stedelijk Museum (Municipal Museum) 15:00-NA:00 performance at the opening of the exhibition 'Avec plaisir', pottery of Pablo Picasso (on invitation only)
maa 16 okt Amsterdam, Uilenburg Synagogue 20:15-NA:00 Concert Leo Smit Foundation, with Irene Maessen (soprano), Eleonore Pameijer (flute), Daniel Esser (cello); works by Erich Zeisl (Songs and Sonata for cello and piano), Daniel Belinfante (Third Sonatina for piano), Michael Fiday (9 Haiku's for flute and piano, first performance), John Borstlap (Tagore Songs for soprano, flute and piano, first performance), Maurice Ravel (Chansons Madecasses)
zon 05 nov Bussum, 't Witte Kerkje, Mecklenburglaan 50 20:15-NA:00 Mozartrecital with Paul Prenen (piano), Sonate C major K.V. 330, Rondo a minor K.V.511, Adagio b minor K.V. 540, Allegro in g minor KV 312, 8 Variations in G major on a Dutch song K.V. 24, Gigue in G major KV 574, work for piano four hands. This concert is part of a series of Mozartconcerts, organised by pianist Jasper Bon on the occasion of the Mozart year 2006
zon 12 nov Middelburg, Art Gallery 'de Ossenberg' 15:00-NA:00 concert with Ursula Schoch (violin): works by Mozart, Poulenc, Korngold, Grosz (Jazzband), Gruenberg (Jazzettes) and Copland (Ukelele Serenade)
zat 25 nov Hilversum, 'de Kapel', 's Gravelandseweg 144 15:00-NA:00 Mozartrecital with Paul Prenen (piano) - program as on November 5
zat 25 nov Eemnes, 'de Hilt', Hasselaarlaan 1 20:15-NA:00 Mozartrecital with Paul Prenen (piano) - program as on November 5
maa 27 nov Kiev (Ukraine), Philharmonia 18:00-NA:00 Music from the Time of Anne Frank, with Eleonore Pameijer (flute) - works by Leo Smit, Rosy Wertheim, Nico Richter, Dick Kattenburg, Ignace Lilien and Bob Hanf
woe 29 nov Odessa (Ukraine), Skolyarski Special Music School (Big Hall) 18:00-NA:00 Music from the Time of Anne Frank - program see 11/27
vri 01 dec Lviv (Ukraine), Lviv Music College 14:00-NA:00 Music from the Time of Anne Frank - program see 11/27
zon 03 dec Bussum, Koepelkerk, Brinklaan 40 20:15-NA:00 Mozart, Pianoconcerto F major KV 413. Concert in a series of 11 Mozart pianoconcertos ; Festival Orchestra conducted by Melvin Margolis. At this concert you can also listen to K.V.37 (by Xenia Evers),K.V. 271 "Jeunehomme" ( by Eildert Beeftink) and K.V. 488 ( by Louise van der Sande Backhuysen)
zon 10 dec 's Hertogenbosch, Stedelijk Museum (Municipal Museum) 14:30-NA:00 concert on the occasion of the exhibition 'Avec plaisir', pottery of Pablo Picasso - works by Granados, de Falla, Satie, Stravinsky and Milhaud
maa 11 dec Amsterdam, Uilenburg Synagogue 20:15-NA:00 Concert Leo Smit Foundation with Ursula Schoch, violin, Tatiana Koleva - percussion and Soesja Citroen -vocals; works by Agnes Jama (Suite for violin and piano), Soesja Citroen (Songs for Ma), Louis Gruenberg (Jazzettes for violin and piano), Leo Smit (Two Hommages for piano solo), Alexandre Tansman (Sonatine transatlantique for violin and piano), Sinta Wullur ('Dukha' for marimba) and Ana Mihailovic ('Transformations' for percussion and electronics)
don 14 dec Barcelona, Marshall Piano Academy 20:00-NA:00 Tangos for piano from Latin America and Europe, works by Piazzolla, Salgan, Turina, Albeniz, de Kinkelder and others
vri 15 dec Den Haag (the Hague), 'Premiere Parterre', Koningin Emmakade 174 17:30-NA:00 Tangoprogram (reservations: www.premiereparterre.nl) PLEASE MIND THE CHANGE OF DATE AND TIME!
zat 16 dec Amsterdam, Bethanienklooster 15:00-NA:00 Recital with works by Federico Mompou (including parts of 'Musica Callada') and presentation of the new CD 'Musica Callada' by Mompou, to be released for the Zefir Records Label. The first CD will be presented to dutch author Henk Bernlef.
maa 18 dec Enschede, Technical University Twente 12:30-13:30 Federico Mompou - Musica Callada for piano (complete)